The power


Udica K Farm is constantly involved in the development of new strains. At the beginning of our journey, the goal was to produce resistant strains, with unique terpenes and beautiful buds that are rich in THC.
Currently, in preparation for our entry into the medical cannabis market, we are focused on the development of medical strains with characteristics that are suitable for the treatment of certain medical conditions. 

The EV


Our 4,000 square meters of cannabis greenhouses that have been created to meet the strict requirements for pharmaceutical production. In order to completely control the climate, the area has been divided into zones, and these greenhouses employ the most recently developed technology by combining advanced LED lighting, humidity control, full control of light cycles through dark screens, and climate sensors.

Growing Area

4,000 SQM


10,400 Plants

The Indoor

We have designed and constructed special grow chambers inside enclosed spaces that are utilized for raising both nursery plants and mother plants, as well as areas for conducting genetics research and development. The application software has full control over each and every parameter within these enclosed spaces.

Production of clones monthly

10,000 clones

Mother Plants

200 Plants



We have created a post-harvest procedure with special trimming, drying, and curing techniques that most effectively preserve the moisture, aroma, and flavors of the flowering stage in order to guarantee the quality of the finished products.

  • Six Stages of the Unique Post-Harvest Process
  • New and Traditional Techniques applied in our Unique Process

Fertilization &


For all stages of plant development and to ensure an accurate dosage for each plant, the watering stations and the purification and fertilization systems are controlled by timers, sensors, and environmental factors.

Our Uniqueness

  1.  Knowledge
    The technology and cultivation methods used in our facilities were developed in Israel, giving us the advantages and expertise needed to dominate the market and serve as a role model for Thailand’s domestic cannabis industry.
  2. Genetics
    In order to guarantee the highest consistency in quality, we cultivate plants by applying premium genetics using special methods created with the knowledge gained and accumulated for over a decade.
  3. Location
    The farm is situated in the fertile Chiang Mai valley and covers a total area of 4,000 square meters. The region offers the ideal climate for successful cannabis plant growth.