About Us

Udica K Farm was established in 2020 with a vision to revolutionize the medical cannabis industry in Thailand. To this end, we recruited the best experts in agriculture, management, research, treatment and quality control to lead the company to the horizon it aspires to reach.

We are dedicated to harnessing the healing potential of nature to improve the lives of patients in need. Through sustainable cultivation practices and cutting-edge research, we strive to produce premium-quality medical cannabis products that are safe, effective, and accessible to all.

Our cultivation facility is nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Surrounded by lush forests and fertile valleys, our farm benefits from the region’s climate and rich biodiversity, providing the perfect environment for cultivating premium-grade cannabis.


There is a global increase in patients with chronic and rare diseases. Existing treatments have many side effects, limited effectiveness, and low patient satisfaction. Despite the increase in the use of cannabis products, there is still a dearth of trustworthy data to back up and demonstrate the effectiveness of particular products in treating the majority of diseases. It is difficult to depend on products that aren’t dependable, safe, and effective, which discourages many potential consumers from using the products that are currently available.


Our group is committed to develop an exclusive, high-quality brand of medical products, such as dry herb, extracts, information regarding the treatment, guidance and education. To provide to our customers high quality products that are consistent throughout different growing cycles and different manufacturing beaches. 



Our team is based on professionals with extensive experience in the Israeli and American cannabis market, medical director, growers, and business development also consists of people with extensive, hands-on knowledge of the international cannabis markets, including knowledge of genetics, extraction, processing, international laws, import, export, branding, marketing, and sales, as well as experience in indoor and greenhouse cultivation.

Strong collaborations and ongoing working relationships have been developed by the Group’s strong, experienced management team, stationed locally and entirely focused on brand needs, including relationships with regional hospitals, research centers, and universities.

The group expects to have complete control over all facets of the production and sales chain, from seed to sale, after successfully obtaining all necessary licenses throughout the value chain over the previous two years.
Udica’s greenhouse facility opened in 2020 following two years of research and development using innovative growing methods to cultivate vegetables in the climate of northern Thailand. The best tools and technology have been installed in our cutting-edge greenhouse to guarantee a consistent, superior product.



Our team is based on professionals and experts with extensive experience in the Israeli and American market, managers, growers, and business development.

Dr. Lihi Bar-Lev Schleider

CEO & Medical Director

Tomer Molcho

Master Grower

Wimonlack Blom-Boonvises

Quality Assurance Manager

Anyayupa Pongrungsup

Farm Coordinator

May Puntida

Office & Administration

Carolina Molcho

Media Manager