From cloning to successful outcomes, we’re passionately blazing a trail in Thailand’s medical cannabis industry. We nurture and harvest the highest quality cannabis in our state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities that boast cutting-edge technology and meticulous controls for the best premium products. We consistently stay true to our roots in the field of medicine and are focused on improving the quality of life of those who are suffering from illness or disease, as patient health is our number one priority and motivation.

What We Do

An Introduction to Udica

Welcome to Udica K Farm! We are proud to be one of the largest and most professional cannabis growing companies in Thailand. With our state-of-the-art greenhouse cultivation facilities equipped with the most innovative technologies and controls, our dedication and plant science proficiency result in superior flowers and top-quality products.

From cultivation to harvesting, processing, and distribution, while constantly advancing our own R&D agenda, our expertise spans every aspect of the cannabis industry.

Our vision is that medical cannabis will soon be widely recognized and accepted as a legitimate treatment option in Thailand and will thereby provide relief and hope for the many patients presently in need. With innovation as our guiding principle, we are committed to effectively leading the way towards brighter, healthier and better lives.
Our operations are guided by two main missions. First, we aim to increase our understanding of the important factors of growing medical cannabis. We know that the products that we grow will be used by people who may be sick; therefore, our products are grown under the highest standards of quality and hygiene, and we exclusively use fertilizers that are approved for medical cannabis. The second primary mission is to increase the Thai public’s understanding of how patients can be treated with medical cannabis and to enhance the confidence of doctors in their use of cannabis-based treatments. Our overall goal is to provide knowledge, innovation and evidence-based products and to strengthen the overall understanding of safe treatments with maximum clinical effectiveness and minimum side effects.

The EV Greenhouse

Our Greenhouse Overview

We have 4,000 square meters of cannabis greenhouses that have been created to meet the strict requirements for pharmaceutical production. In order to completely control the climate, the area has been divided into zones, and these greenhouses employ the most recently developed technology by combining advanced LED lighting, humidity control, full control of light cycles through dark screens, and climate sensors.

Growing Area

4,000 SQM


10,400 Plants

Our Innovation.

We use a unique and energy efficient cooling system to fully control the climate of the greenhouse in order to reduce the heat load.



License And Regulation

GAP Certified

GAP certified (Good Agricultural Practice) standard for crops production for consumption and protect environment, health and safety of workers.

Selling License

A permit allowing the sale of cannabis plant parts and inflorescences to licensed retailers and distributors.

FDA Approved

Our procedure for processing and storing plants has now been approved since we passed the FDA inspection.

Export License

We have given permission for the export license of cannabis flower.

Grow License

Government-issued Grow License for 20,000 cannabis plants.